Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Life Post | A Basic White Girl's Guide To Unwinding

 Whether you work, run a household or anything else inbetween, most of us encounter stress during everyday life. If you're a student like me your life will be looking a little something like hell right now, as we all know March and April are filled with nothing but deadlines, mental breakdowns and exams. So writing this post probably couldn't have come at a better time. 

Whatever it is that may have you stressed it is important to switch off from whatever that is eventually and these are some of my completely generic ways to relax. Que the common white girl advice.

Cut Off Point
Every evening there must be a cut off point that you establish which separates you from work, whether that be school/college work or your job. There must be a time that that ends and relaxation begins. Not doing so will lead to a sleepless night, resulting in less productivity the following day. 

When I am feeling stressed out it is likely that my skin will tell that tale. Sleepless nights and constant anxiety are part and parcel of being under pressure and this will result in my skin looking dull and spotty, which will only make you feel even worse, leading to more stress - you can see the viscous cycle emerging here. So to eradicate that it is important to pamper yourself, painting your nails and applying a face mask can be all your moral needs for a little boost. On a sidenote, I have been loving this sheet mask from Jivesse.. I am a new sheet mask convert!

Creating a place of comfort and relaxation is key to being able to feel that way. I tend to light candles and dim the lights in my bedroom to create a stress free area. Meditate or play relaxing sounds while you get ready for bed, do whatever it takes to get you into the zooone. 

Okay maybe this should not be on the list, but it is on mine, so don't judge. Nothing calms me down more than one or two (or twenty) squares of chocolate. If you are a chocoholic like me you can relate to this feeling of euphoria eating some chocolate after a stressful day. I recommend always having a stash hidden somewhere for particularly hectic times. 

Reading does not always have to be reading a book. If you are not into literature, read a magazine or blog posts. Whatever it is, reading allows your brain to disconnect from any current worries it is holding and transport to a different stress free land filled with happiness. Maybe that is a bit much, but reading is still fun. 

Hopefully you found these somewhat helpful and didn't fall asleep with how basic this post is. However, stress is a real issue and much like a cut, it must be tended to in order to prevent it from developing into anything bigger. 

Adele x 


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Girl Talk | Let's Talk About Body Hair

So, I am about to begin my regular rant on why being a girl is damn hard. Grab a drink, we could be here a while.
Okay i'll keep the ranting to a minimum, but in this girl talk post I thought I would talk about body hair- and more specifically body hair on females. I am not going to start the whole debate on whether anyone who identifies as a girl should or should not shave - because although society may say that we do have to be smooth hairless goddesses, we don't, and what you do with your body and the hair on it is your choice. 

For me, I like to remove body hair, and when I say remove I mean majority of the time i'm a bit prickly and couldn't be bothered with the whole shaving malarkey until an event comes along and gives me the incentive to become smooth and hairless. So, realistically I am somewhere in between the shaver/non shaver spectrum. 

If you are a bit like me and enjoy the feeling of being hairless but don't like effort that has to be put into being like that, I introduce to you the 'epilator'. This is a new word in my vocabulary and it may just be for you too. As a part of my girl talk series I am testing out various different devices that aid with being a female, and oh my god I found a good one. The device looks like a normal lady shaver that comes with detachable heads for you to use it in different ways. The head I most often use it for hair removal, and man does the epilator remove dem tings. It works by mechanically grasping multiple hairs and simultaneously pulling them out. Before you go running away at how traumatizing that sounds remember, we are women, we are strong and a little bit of hair being pulled out of our body is no big deal - we push humans out of our special places for god's sake.

So now the important bit, is it painful and does it work? a little and yes! The sensation is somewhat similar to being stung by a bee and is completely bearable. As far as longevity goes, although the hair cell is not removed as it is with waxing, making it not last quite as long as being waxed does, it is still revolutionary. You get about two weeks of smooth legs, armpits and whatever else, which is every lazy girls dream.

If you are someone who chooses to shave this may be an economic and convenient option for you, and I am happy to have been the guinea pig for that. Here is a link to the website I got mine from.

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Happy Sunday!
Adele x

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Fashion Post | Cosy Knits and Straight Leg Denim

High Neck Jumper  | Straight Leg Jeans  (similar) | White Boots  (similar) 

It may be Spring but I am still most definitely staying wrapped up for the foreseeable future, and this high neck jumper is perfect for that. As I have mentioned in a previous post I am one happy lady having nabbed myself these ahhhmazing Topshop jeans the other week, and this is their outfit post debut. Being realistic there is not very much attractive about a pair of straight leg jeans to most people, but I just happen to be in the minority who find them crazy attractive - and comfortable - and stylish.. I could go on but I won't. 

I hope you all have a lovely week!
Adele x

Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Life Post | A Little Galway Adventure

Last Sunday myself and my boyfriend went on a small trip to Galway for a couple of days. The title of the post may read 'adventure' but to be honest there wasn't too much adventuring going on, we left the hotel maybe twice. The rest of the time was spent in our pajamas drinking alcohol and debating what to order for room service. Neither of us had ever been to a proper spa, so we decided to grab ourselves the best groupon deal we could find and escape the city for a few days. 

To make the weekend as relaxing as possible we both agreed to leave our phones in a drawer, only checking them now and then in case of any emergencies. Although I stuck to my side of the deal I most definitely caught Robby having a sneaky look on Facebook once or twice, which I doubt was too much of an emergency. So that meant no phones were brought to dinner or the spa and it was our job to actually come up with conversation to fill the time, something us millennials are not all that familiar with. 

During our second day there we made full use of the spa and room service facilities and spent the day lounging around in white robes until we were hungry enough to stuff our faces with lots of deliciousness. 

All in all the weekend was the perfect break and my lack of pictures probably illustrate that. I am hoping that this is just the first of many more weekend getaways to come. 

I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!
Adele x

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Instagram Roundup | February

Emm how is February over? I don't know if it's just me but I feel a little sad that Winter is soon leaving us, don't get me wrong I love Spring and Summer but I have really enjoyed snuggling up with a book and my electric blanket these past few months, but on the bright side I can probably start wearing less layers in the upcoming weeks.

I will probably start making posts once a week starting in March as college work is slowly creeping up on me and it's probably best to focus on that for a while. The past while I haven't been too happy with my posts and I know a lot of them have been slightly thrown together so, I have decided that every Sunday I will have a new post up and it will be one that is well thought out and put together.

 I really appreciate all my regular readers and I have a lot of interesting posts planned for the next few weeks.

How has your February been?

Adele x

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Fashion Post | Treat yo' self

It is no secret that I am a staunch believer in treating yourself from time to time, and from time to time I mean on a weekly basis. 

 Sometimes I am in super saver mode and go months without buying anything I don't need and sometimes I spend every cent I own on pointless things and end up hating myself, then buying myself more pointless to make myself feel better and in turn hating myself even more than I did in the first place (please tell me i'm not the only one who does this!?) I have been in this phase for the past week so I thought that I would make a post out of the bits I have bought in a bid to justify my actions. 

Along with every other basic white girl on this planet, one of my new years resolutions is to read more. So it is now my mission to buy lots of shiny new books for my mind to ingest and these are the first two to my collection. I am probably the last person to jump on The Girl on the Train bandwagon, but better late than never eh? I am pretty keen to read Hidden Figures before I see the film so hopefully it won't take me too long to get through. 
Also if anybody has any book suggestions please leave them below!

If you have seen any of my recent wish lists you will have seen chunky jumpers and straight leg jeans are regularly featured.. and I have finally quenched my thirst for both. 

I have been on the hunt for a comfy high neck jumper for months and this New Look one is perfect. It is not too heavy so it was transition well into Spring and the dusty pink colour is a perfect addition to my already colourful wardrobe. 

Topshop Jeans (similar)

I have never been a believer in miracles, but I can confirm that they really do happen and these miracles come in the form of light denim straight leg Topshop jeans. I never thought I would find the perfect pair but I finally have, and it was by sheer chance that I popped into Topshop and came across them. 
Fear not, this is not the last you have seen of them, they will be certainly making many an appearance in upcoming outfit posts. 

Please share with me in the comments what you have been buying lately, and make me feel slightly less guilt ridden about spending all my money.

Adele x
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