Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Fashion Post | Tried & Tested - The Off The Shoulder Shirt Trend

White Shirt | Jeans (similar) | Boots (similar)

Fashion - an ever changing, ever evolving world. You either keep up with it and it's trends or you fall behind. 

Admittedly I am not one to succumb to trends, if I don't like something, there is no way will I wear it simply on the basis that it is 'in'. I tend to avoid a lot of trends for fear of blending in. However, the off the shoulder shirt trend is something that appears to be taking the fashion world by storm and something that I may just be on board with. Putting my fashion trend snobbery aside, I decided to root out my old shirts and give them a little off the shoulder revamp.

Often in fashion, trends are just trends and clothes are just clothes. Fashion weeks produce them, clothing brands duplicate them, fashion bloggers and magazines share them, and fashion followers wear them. That is the cycle. However, no one seems to review them, or really give things much thought. The practicality of fashion and it's trends is often overlooked, with the importance being placed on how you look, rather than how you feel
So, taking the off the shoulder shirt trend, I have decided to try this craze out for myself and report back with just how practical, comfortable and sensible the whole thing is. 

The three main areas I focused on when putting the trend to the test was 
- how comfortable I was throughout the day
- how practical said trend was to wear  
- if the trend was appropriate for every day life and tasks

Done all in the name of fashion, my findings were mixed. While I love the effortless aesthetic this trend gives off along with the fact that it has given the old white shirt a new lease of life, I am unsure as to how realistic this is on a mundane, day to day kind of basis. 

If, like me, you generally steer clear of bras you will have a serious case of paranoid boobies while wearing this trend. The constant checking to make sure a boob has not slipped out of it's assigned place can be a little off putting, not to mention tiring. Then we have eating, drinking, and attempting to do any other kind of standard task. All of the above are made that bit harder by trying to hold your top in place, for fear of looking stupid, or worse, a tit falling out. Not only do you have restricted movement from the shirt, it also requires constant fixing so that you look on top of your game. Something that makes the simple task of eating  or applying make up that little more difficult. 

Overall, I like this trend, I promise I do. But having worn it on a few occasions I have come to the realisation that while it looks cool, it does not come without it's cons. 

My overall verdict on this sassy trend - Perfect for night time wear, when you want to show off some skin and feel comfortable in knowing that you will not be doing many activities. But probably best to be avoided if you are going for a job interview, or out for Sunday dinner with your parents, nip slips are a hazard. 

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this trend. Have you tried it before, or are you steering clear? I would love to hear your feedback. 

Adele x

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Beauty Post | L'Oreal Colorista Washout Dye Review

Since about the age of 16 I have been wanting to try out something different with my hair, and by different I mean dye it a pastel colour. When the trend began in around 2012 I think every girl went through a phase where they wanted nothing more than long wavy lilac tumbleresque hair. As most girls grew out of this phase, I did not. 
Having done my research on the steps it took to achieve pastel coloured hair I decided to give up on my dream. Bleaching my entire head and having to re dye my hair with colour every couple of weeks just seems like too much of a commitment for me, so I remained happy with my blonde locks. That is until I randomly came across L'Oreal's colorista washout dye in boots. Finally - my dreams having long peachy locks will be fulfilled.

The Product
The product claims to colour hair whatever colour you choose, which lasts up to 2-3 shampoos. I picked up the colours pink and peach, which cost me roughly 9 euro each. However, it must be stated that the product will only work on blonde, ombre or highlighted hair. So if you have all over dark brown or black hair I wouldn't waste my money buying the dye, because it probably won't work for you.  

Does it Work? 
Now on to the good bit. I applied both the pink and peach colour to my hair as instructed. I wanted a nice blend of the two so I applied a generous amount of both. Please note if you are going to give this a try make sure you buy two of whatever colour you are using as there just isn't enough product in just one tube to cover your whole head (massive con for me). I followed the instructions and allow the colour to sit in my hair for a while before washing it out. 

The results I was quite overwhelmed with. For a silly washout dye I really was not expecting the colour to take as well as it did. As you can see from these pictures the pink looks a lot more vibrant than the peach, but that really changed depending on the light. After one or two washes I did go through a phase of panic where I thought the dye had permanently left my hair a peachy/orange colour as it did not seem to be washing out. But with some patience the product did eventually wash out after about 5 washes - and I added a little washing up liquid to my shampoo to try and hurry up the process, which did the trick. Please please pay attention however, I have heard a lot of bad reviews on the blue colour in this range, with that it has turned people's hair permanently green so if you are looking to try that one, do think it through. Otherwise, my hair is now back to exactly how it was before and I am really impressed that the pink and peach colour washed out exactly as promised. 

Final Thoughts
To sum up my thoughts on this product. I am glad I gave it a go to satisfy myself after all these years of wondering how I would look with coloured hair, however I probably would not buy it again. As much as I enjoyed playing around with pink hair I really don't think it is for me and after a day or two I ended up missing being blonde.

 I have nothing against the product, I just personally feel more like myself when I am blonde. I would completely recommend this for anyone who like me, just wants to give pastel hair a go without the commitment of bleach, or if you want to spice up your hair colour for a special event. It is perfect coming into the festival season. 

Have you tried this before? 
Adele x

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Girl Talk | Seven Things Women Do That Men Just Don't Understand

As a woman, there are many mildly irritating encounters we face daily, and being realistic, men and their way of thinking are up there with the most annoying of those. There are certain things we as women do that make perfect sense to us yet to men they seem completely irrational. We've all been there, you see a little old man eating alone in public which almost brings you to tears, however your boyfriend has no idea why this makes you sad and starts to make fun of you for being so sensitive, and you're left wondering 'But how can he not see what I see?!'. Never fear ladies, here is where I come to the rescue, to stand up for all womankind. 

In order to give the male species a little insight to the inner workings our female mind I have compiled together a list of the small things we do along with the reasons behind why we do it, and furthermore a little explanation as to why we find it so damn frustrating that men can't understand our logic behind it. So here it is, my open letter to the male species. 

Bringing Your Bag to The Toilet 
I have lost count of the amount of awkward encounters I have faced when simply trying to bring my handbag/school bag to the bathroom with me. This particular incident is something that I am sure has happened to every school girl. You have your period and ask your male teacher if you can go to the bathroom during class so you can ahem 'freshen up', he gives you permission and you proceed towards the door with your schoolbag in hand, easy sailing. But all of a sudden said male teacher asks why you are bringing your bag with you and that you should probably just leave it here, completely unaware of the fact that you are profusely bleeding from your special area and need to change your tampon asap before there is a bloody disaster all over your school uniform. But of course that is far too awkward to say, so instead you smile, leave your schoolbag down and carry on to the toilet where you then must come up with creative ways to stop the blood flow from escaping your underwear. 
So men, the next time you see a female bring a bag to the toilet with you, say nothing. 

The Back Of The Trousers Check 
While we are on the topic of periods, another thing that men just do not understand is the back of the trousers check. Every single woman on this planet knows exactly what this is, it is the holy gospel of girl code. You have your period and ask your girl friend to have a cheeky look at your bum just to make sure there are no code red situations happening, job done in 0.2 seconds. Men, not so subtle at this check. First of all you have to explain the logic to them, when eventually they get the idea into their heads 15 minutes later they then make this check the most obvious movement on the planet. Furthermore even after this they cannot be trusted to have done the job right. 
If there is one thing women know about men, it is that they say things that are untrue because they believe it is what we want to hear. So with that logic, if there was any blood on your trousers they will more than likely tell you that there is not just to keep you happy. I can't. 

Taking The Perfect Instagram Picture
For a lot of women the feeling of getting the perfect instagram snap is equal to the feeling of winning the lottery, it is seriously that important. However, men do not understand this. While it is frustrating enough to find the perfect lighting, the perfect background AND the perfect pose what is eveeen more frustrating is a moaning boyfriend taking the picture. It might take best part of an hour to get the perfect image that is instagram worthy, but it is well worth the effort, believe me. Also - when we say to take A picture we mean take an upward of ten, not literally one, we're not that good. 

We Think Everything Is Cute 
Dogs, bunnies, shoes, tiny salt and pepper shakers, everything is cute to us. To you they may seem like insignificant and inanimate objects, but to us they are just so tiny and precious and we love them. To be honest, I can't even explain our logic behind this, it just is what it is. Accept it. 

The Need For Every Detail
Why, when men tell a story do they completely omit the important details within that story and skip straight to the 'good' part. Women need details. What were you wearing? What was the weather like? What exactly, word. for. word. did the other person say? Men, please understand our need for the tiny details, they may seem insignificant to you but to us they are the most important aspect of a story.

We Are Detectives
Continuing on from the above statement, women live for details because it is these tiny details that lead us on our little detective way to forensic oblivion. Men seem to constantly underestimate our ability to take on the smallest detail and run with that, finding out whatever we need to and more along the way. The sooner the male sex understands this the better.

Not Showering 
This, this irritates me. Boys may be able to shower 7 times a day without giving it a second thought, but we cannot do this. What males don't understand is that showering for women is a whole process that takes strategic planning and organising, this is not a spur of the moment kind of thing. Every female has set hair washing days because THAT SHIT TAKES TIME. You may be able to use a 2 in 1 tesco brand shampoo and conditioner and allow 3 minutes for your hair to dry naturally after a shower. But women need roughly 5 hair care products both during and after a shower and then must allow 50 minutes for styling afterwards. So the next time your girlfriend skips a shower and reaches for the dry shampoo instead, please do not judge.

Although it was difficult to narrow down my list to just seven things that men do not understand about women, I could probably create a whole new list on the things women don't understand about men. Ugh, I give up.

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Have a lovely Thursday!
Adele x


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Instagram Roundup | April

Oh man am I glad to see the back of April, between college and exam stress and other issues it has not been the most enjoyable month. In between all that mayhem I did however manage to dye my hair pink/peach, and a post all about this is soon to come in the next couple weeks, along with lots of other posts I have planned. 

On a side note, I would love if you all left me a little note below on what kind of posts you want to see from me in the upcoming months. I am open to any suggestions! 

Adele x


Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Beauty Post | Getting out of a rut with NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation

I never thought I would see the day that I sit on my tiny bed and write up a blog post about foundation. For the past few years I have given up wearing foundation. As a girl who once suffered from acne, I feel like it is wrong to cover up my skin with layers of a nude paste now that my skin has finally become clear again. 

But, lately I have been feeling very unsatisfied with my appearance and how I did my make up. I will spend an hour or two putting on make up and trying different styles only to hate it in the end and prefer how I looked before the winged eyeliner and badly contoured cheeks, which is good but surely the whole point of make up is to make you feel better about yourself, not worse (I made a post on these feelings here). So with that I thought maybe it was time to venture back to a foundation and actually become happy with how I apply my make up, and not a cheap drugstore one that I used when I was 15 no, a big girl high end one. 

The Product 
Having done my research I went out and bought myself the NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation and the shade I picked up was Punjab. The product claims to give a full but natural coverage, creating an instantly polished look. I paid 45 euro for it, which is pretty damn expensive as far as I am concerned but I loved how it makes other peoples skin look so I thought it was worth a try and seeing as I don't wear make up all that often I will probably get pretty good wear out of it. 

Does it work?
Yes. However, I do have some slight issues with it that I will get to later. To apply it I use my blending brush and then go back over that with a beauty blender to make sure that everything is as blended and natural looking as possible. The colour is a perfect match for my skin tone once I add one or two pumps of the body shop's foundation lightener, I got a shade slightly darker than my natural skin tone because I often wear tan and this way my face will always match my body. The foundation is a crazy watery formula and is really easy to blend on my face. It lasts pretty well, it does wear a little throughout the day as expected but generally it stays put. 

So to keep things short, I do like this product. It is blendable, it can be easily built up and it gives me coverage without looking or feeling caked. However, I slightly dislike the fact that it is high coverage. Although it looks natural and definitely does not feel heavy, my skin is pretty clear and could do with a lighter product. Another thing that I slightly dislike it is the fact that it is a little matte, this isn't a huge deal because I can mix a highlighter into it and give myself more of a glow but generally when I wear make up I like to have a dewy look and this product does not really give me that on it's own. 

Final Thoughts
To round things up. I like this product, I am glad I have bought it and with it I have been lifted out of my makeup rut, however I would probably not buy it again once it has ran out. I think this product is perfect for someone with acne or scarring that is looking to cover them up but for me this is not what I am looking for.

Maybe next time I will try their sheer glow foundation or maybe a different high end brand altogether, but I will continue on in my quest to find my perfect foundation. 

If you have any foundation recommendations for me please leave them down below, I would love for you to help me out! 

Have a lovely Sunday
Adele x


Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Fashion Post | Pyjama Shirt and Striped Culottes

Shirt: Boohoo (similar) Trousers:Boohoo (similar) Boots: Vintage Handbag: Vintage

If you follow me in instagram you will be aware of my love for this shirt. The pyjama trend is probably one of my favourite trends that is happening in fashion right now. I mean, why would you not want to wear a silk pyjama shirt in public and use 'fashion' as justification?? Styling it is a little difficult however because I don't want to be that knob that thinks they're all fashion-y and cool enough to pull off a whole pyjama look but then again comfort is probably my number one priority in life. So I thought hey I look like a bit of a dick wearing a gold pyjama top anyway, why not go the whole hog and pair it with some trousers that could be mistaken for pyjamas too? 

I have 0 regrets - ladies, the comfort level of this outfit is through the roof. If you like fashion and eating until it feels like your trousers will rip open, I suggest investing in some pyjama style attire asap. 

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter Sunday! 

Adele x

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